Early Interventions

Created by pediatrician and neonatologist, Dr. Jane Scott, The Tortle is a proven early intervention device to prevent and treat flat head syndrome. The Tortle has been evaluated and cleared by the FDA as a Class 1 medical device for use to aid in safely repositioning baby’s head.

Nearly 1 in 2 babies will develop some degree of plagiocephaly and or torticollis by 3 months of age (A.Mawji et Al, 2013) which makes it imperative that education about preventing flat head syndrome begins before or shortly after birth. We are eager to introduce expecting parents to this education and to show them repositioning techniques. We believe the parents should be aware of the potential for this problem before it happens.

The Tortle is a fashionable knit beanie with a support roll which comes in 3 standard sizes as well as preemie-sizes for use in the hospital. To help prevent flat head syndrome, we recommend that all babies from 0-6 months wear a Tortle for 6-8 hours during the supervised times of day.

  • Small:0-2 months/5-10 lbs. (13-15″ head circumference)
  • Medium:2-4 months/10-15 lbs. (15-16″ head circumference)
  • Large:4-6 months/15-20 lbs. (16.5-18″ head circumference)

Tortle can be used to treat the problem as well if recognized in the mild to moderate stages. Many medically trained therapists (OT/PT) have found it to be a really useful tool to assist in their therapy.

We look forward to your feedback and partnership. It is our mission to end flat head syndrome across the world, and with the help of people like you who believe in this mission too, we can make this a reality! Thank you for interest and support for Tortle and the powerful mission behind it.


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For samples and brochures please contact Brendan Fitch at: brendan@tortle.com

Tortle: Developed by Dr. Jane Scott (Pediatrician/Neonatologist)